Canada: Global News Live Blogging Promotion of Killing Disabled Kids Tonight (March 16)

(My apologies to people who subscribe to this blog via email.  You’ll get this info after the fact.)

Tonight (March 16) Global News is doing a ‘live blog’ promoting the killing of children with disabilities.  The Canadian news network is calling it a ‘discussion,’ but they’re misleading people.  They have a three-person panel.  The first person is convicted killer Robert Latimer, who killed his 12-year-old daughter Tracy by gassing her in the cab of his truck.  There is a woman who has two institutionalized sons and wants to be able to – I guess “put them down” would be the term.  They also have ‘ethicist’ Arthur Schafer, who is on record as being in favor about just about any killing of old, ill or disabled persons as long as the killer says they did it out of mercy.

The live blog is starting at 8:00 pm EST and will run until midnight.  They are already taking comments (which run by a moderator.

Go here to access the main site for the live blog.

Go here to start submitting comments now.  –Stephen Drake

One thought on “Canada: Global News Live Blogging Promotion of Killing Disabled Kids Tonight (March 16)

  1. I couldn’t even read it, I just read the comments of the people I knew I agree with (like you for exemple) but when I accidently saw some other comments, I was so filled with rage, I just can’t.

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