Join Thunderclap to Support Not Dead Yet UK Rally Protesting Assisted Suicide Bill

This important message comes to us from Liz Carr of Not Dead Yet UK:

If you tweet, please sign up to our ‘Thunderclap’ to go off on Friday 18th July just before the House of Lords begins it’s debate on the ‘Assisted Dying Bill’. Please pass on and share!

Support Not Dead Yet UK Demonstration against Lord Falconer’s Bill 18th July 2014

Lord Falconer has resubmitted his bill to change the law on assisted dying. It will be debated in the House of Lords on the 18th of July. Not Dead Yet UK and several other supportive disability organisations are lobbing peers to ensure this bill is defeated.

  • We are deeply concerned that a change in the law will lead to disabled people – and other vulnerable people, including older people – feeling under pressure to end their lives.
  • The issue tells us a lot about public attitudes towards disabled people.
  • Why is it that when people who are not disabled want to commit suicide, we try to talk them out of it, but when a disabled person wants to commit suicide, we focus on how we can make that possible?
  • We believe that the campaign to legalise assisted suicide reinforces deep-seated beliefs that the lives of sick and disabled people are not worth as much as other people’s. That if you are disabled or terminally ill, it’s not worth being alive.

Disabled people want help to live – not to die.



2 thoughts on “Join Thunderclap to Support Not Dead Yet UK Rally Protesting Assisted Suicide Bill

  1. LaVada DelConte says:

    A fantastic opportunity. I have joined.

  2. We are using these Twitter hashtags:

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