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NDY Submits Comments On Adult Protective Services Guidelines

The Administration for Community Living (part of the Administration on Aging within the U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services) is seeking comments on draft voluntary consensus guidelines for Adult Protective Services.  The original deadline for comments was October 30, but it’s been extended to November 13.  More information and a portal for submitting online comments […] Continue reading →

National Council on Disability Will Consider Proposal to Address Health Care Decisions Policies that Threaten the Lives of People With Disabilities

The National Council on Disability met on May 6th at the Ed Roberts Campus in San Francisco.  This is a presidentially appointed Council that advises the Administration on disability policy.  The Council always offers opportunities for public comment, and NDY has been asking NCD to help lead efforts to address abuses in health care decisions […] Continue reading →

Not Dead Yet Submits Written Comments to IOM Transforming End-of-Life Care Committee

As folks who read this blog already know, the Institute of Medicine’s Transforming End-of-Life Care Committee sets aside a portion of its meeting agenda to receive public comments.  At the Committee’s second public meeting, held at Stanford on May 29, DREDF’s Marilyn Golden attended to provide public comments. Not Dead Yet previously submitted written input […] Continue reading →

Why I Support the CRPD

This past week, the U.S. Senate voted to proceed with consideration of U.S.ratification of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD).  With a two-thirds majority required to move to the next step, the cloture vote was 61 to 36, with 3 not voting. Not Dead Yet has not yet formally […] Continue reading →

NDRN’s Report Should Serve As a Call to Conscience for Health Care Providers

The recommendations contained in the National Disability Rights Network’s (NDRN)report, “Devaluing People With Disabilities: Medical ProceduresThat Violate Civil Rights,” constitute nothing less than a call to conscience for health care providers who are withholding life-sustaining treatment without consent from people with disabilities who are not otherwise dying. Sometimes this is done at the request of […] Continue reading →

Update on Oral Argument in Pennsylvania Supreme Court Guardianship Case

Last week, this blog reported about scheduled oral arguments in front of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court regarding the limits on a guardian’s powers – specifically, whether or not guardians have the right to refuse life-preserving treatment – treatment needed to save the life of a person legally lacking decisionmaking capacity and who is neither dying […] Continue reading →

Connecticut: Affidavit of Nancy B. Alisberg in Motion to Intervene in Assisted Suicide Suit

As promised in yesterday’s blog posting, today I’m sharing the affidavit submitted by Nancy B. Alisberg, Managing Attorney at the Connecticut Office of Protection and Advocacy for Persons with Disabilities (OPA) in the OPA’s motion to intervene in Blick v. Division of Criminal Justice.  Alisberg’s affidavit goes into detail about some of the actions she […] Continue reading →

Disability Rights Wisconsin Sues Over Allegedly Illegal Withholding of Treatment at UW Hospital

Disability Rights Wisconsin(DRW) is suing the UW Hospital for allegedly violating the law in pushing for withholding of life-sustaining treatment in the cases of two individuals with developmental disabilities. The story about the case was published in the May 14th issue of the Wisconsin State Journal. Thanks to Tim Wheat (the first to send me […] Continue reading →

Pennsylvania: Important Guardianship Ruling — Strict, Narrow Limits for Refusing Life-Sustaining Treatment

Mark Murphy, Legal Director of the Disability Rights Network of Pennsylvania (DRN), emailed a summary of an important Superior Court decision that lays out a very stringent set of criteria that have to be met in order for a guardian to order refusal of treatment for an incapacitated person who isn’t at the end stage […] Continue reading →

Request to remove life-support from 6-Month-Old in Texas Withdrawn for Now – Texas NDY

On Monday this week, NDY was contacted by Texas attorney Jerri Ward, who has worked extensively on behalf of families and patients in fighting the aggressive implementation of “futility” policies in Texas. The subject of the call was an impending court hearing in Dallas County juvenile court to decide on a petition by a court-appointed […] Continue reading →