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Disability Activists, Advocates and Others Pile on Time Magazine’s Error-Filled Kevorkian Tribute

My thanks to readers of this blog.  Several entered into the surprisingly short comment thread in Time Magazine‘s “Fond Farewell” to Jack Kevorkian, which I wrote about last week.  (Among other issues, the obituary referred to the people Kevorkian “helped” as ‘dying.) Surprisingly, aside from one person who made the tired old “we’re kinder to […] Continue reading →

Diane Coleman Counters Support for Assisted Suicide with Reality Check in Her Hometown Paper

(Editor’s note – this should have been posted over a week ago.  The timelag between the writing of this post and the publishing on the blog is entirely my responsibility.  –SD) I grew up in Kalamazoo, Michigan, so when the Kalamazoo Gazette’s October 1st edition featured three opinion pieces supporting assisted suicide, I had to […] Continue reading →

PRESS RELEASE: NDY Activists React to News of Kevorkian’s Death

For Immediate Release June 3, 2011 Contact: Stephen Drake, Research Analyst 585-697-1640; Diane Coleman, President 708-420-0539; Disability Activists React to News of Kevorkian’s Death Anti-euthanasia disability rights group formed in response to Kevorkian’s 1996 acquittal in deaths of two disabled women Challenge members of the media to get their facts straight. (Rochester, NY) […] Continue reading →

Breaking News: Jack Kevorkian in Hospital

From the Huffington Post: ROYAL OAK, Mich. — A lawyer says assisted-suicide advocate Jack Kevorkian is in a Detroit-area hospital with pneumonia and kidney problems. Mayer (MAY’-uhr) Morganroth says Kevorkian was reluctant but agreed to go to Beaumont Hospital on Wednesday night. He predicts Kevorkian will be there for several days. Mr. Morganroth wanted to […] Continue reading →