Not Dead Yet’s Friend-of-the-Court briefs

Not Dead Yet files friend-of-the-court briefs in cases that relate to the organization’s goals, opposing assisted suicide and hospital futility policies, and advocating for constitutional and civil rights limits on the powers of surrogate decision makers to withhold life sustaining treatment.

Amicus Brief of Not Dead Yet et al (Disability Rights Amici) in Myers v. Schneiderman in NY Appellate Division (January 2016)

NDY et al. Amicus Brief in New Mexico Supreme Court in Morris v. Brandenburg (September 2015)

Amicus Brief of Disability Rights Amici in New Mexico Court of Appeals in Morris v. Brandenburg (August 2014)

Disability Rights Wisconsin v. University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics, et al., Amicus Brief of Autistic Self Advocacy Network, Not Dead Yet, et al. (May 2014)

Baxter v. Montana, Amicus Brief of Not Dead Yet, et al., (April 2009)

Gonzales v. Oregon, Amicus Brief of Not Dead Yet, et. al., (May 2005)

Miller v. HCA, Amicus Brief of Not Dead Yet, et. al., (March 2002)

Wendland v. Wendland, Amicus Brief of Not Dead Yet, et. al., (October 2000)

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