Not Dead Yet’s Op Ed articles

Not Dead Yet leaders and activists have written numerous opinion pieces published in mainstream newspapers and online news outlets.  Here are examples:

Assisted Suicide Is Still Too Dangerous (, 11/13/14)

Who’s really hurt by assisted suicide? (, 11/4/14)

Why Assisted Suicide Laws are More Dangerous Than People Acknowledge (Counterpunch, 11/3/14)

Assisted suicide is bad medicine (Sacramento Bee, 11/1/14)

Assisted suicide laws are more dangerous than people acknowledge: Opinion (NJ Star-Ledger, 10/31/14)

Marilyn Golden:  The danger of assisted suicide laws ( 10/13/14)

Penny Pepper of Not Dead Yet UK: Disabled people like me need help to live, not die (The Guardian, 7/16/14)

Assisted Suicide:  Just Too Dangerous ( 6/26/14)

NJ Assisted Suicide Proposal is Dangerous Prescription (Trenton Times 8/10/13)

The dangerous ‘help’ of assisted suicide (New Jersey Star Ledger 7/23/13)

John B. Kelly: Why to vote no on Mass. Question 2 (Providence Journal 10/31/12)

‘Second Thoughts’ Grow on Assisted Suicide (Wall Street Journal 4/5/12)

What you don’t know can kill you (Capitol Weekly 4/26/07)

States’ rights versus civil rights (Seattle Post-Intelligencer 9/28/05)

Deadly Tactics (Chicago Tribune 3/17/99)