John Kelly and Alex Schadenberg on Radio Sputnik Radio’s “Brave New World”

At the end of February, both John Kelly, the New England Regional Director of Not Yet Dead and Alex Schadenberg, Executive Director of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition, were guests on “Brave New World,” a show on Radio Sputnik. Also on the show was Gert Huysmans, the President of the Federation of Palliative care of Flanders (Belgium). John Harrison […] Continue reading →

Not Dead Yet Applauds Second Thoughts Connecticut As Disability Advocates Prepare to Testify Against Assisted Suicide Bill

[Editor’s Note:  A PRWeb version of the press release below is online in pdf format here.] Not Dead Yet applauds Second Thoughts Connecticut, as disability advocates held a press conference Monday and now prepare to testify against an assisted suicide bill (HB 7015) at a Connecticut House Judiciary Committee hearing being held on Wednesday, March […] Continue reading →