Dialogue Begins About Feeding Tubes and Breathing Devices With Respecting Choices Program

Last December, a significant number of national and local disability rights organizations as well as individuals with disabilities and supporters signed onto a letter addressed to the Respecting Choices advance care planning program at Gundersen Health Systems in LaCrosse, Wisconsin.  The letter criticized two documents for inaccuracy and bias in their discussions of feeding tubes, […] Continue reading →

R U Ready? Portlight Strategies, Emergency Preparedness and Media Awareness, April 1 – 7. Share Your Stories!

I’m getting this out a little later than I’d planned due to getting hit hard with a nasty cold late last week.   What follows is an important effort regarding the safety and welfare of people with disabilities (and other underserved folks) in areas where disaster strikes.  I’m cutting and pasting the alert from Portlight Strategies […] Continue reading →

Press Release: Disability Opposition to Assisted Suicide Bills Helped Secure Third Defeat In New England States This Session

[Editor's note:  For the PRWeb online version of this release in pdf format, go here.] On Friday, it became official: for the second consecutive year, the Connecticut legislature rejected assisted suicide legislation. Disability advocates celebrated as the state’s Public Health Committee, like the Massachusetts Joint Committee On Public Health a week earlier, let its assisted […] Continue reading →

Diane Coleman, John Kelly and Marilyn Golden Quoted in U.S. News & World Report Article on “Right to Die”

Today, March 24th, the U.S. News & World Report site published an article titled “Is There a Right to Die?” The article focuses mainly on the current battle around assisted suicide legislation in Connecticut. The most remarkable aspect of this article is that about half of it is devoted to quotes from disability activists, who […] Continue reading →