A Belated Recognition of National Healthcare Decisions Day: “Good Practice” by Michael Barton (video)

Thursday, April 16, was National Healthcare Decisions Day. We probably should have made note of it. But then again, we’ve pretty much ignored it since one post I wrote in 2008 making note of the day and NDY’s take on it: In case you missed it, today is National Healthcare Decisions Day (NHDD). We’re all invited to […] Continue reading →

San Francisco Chronicle Columnist Debra J Saunders Discusses Class, Race and Privilege in Assisted Suicide Debate

Since Not Dead Yet started, we’ve seen that the proponents of assisted suicide consist of what we call the “4 W’s” – the white, well-off, worried worried well. That hasn’t changed. Last week, columnist Debra J. Saunders discussed the role that class, income and race play out in the debate in that state over legalization […] Continue reading →

Maryland: Assisted Suicide Bills Killed Quietly in Committees – Updates on California and Rhode Island

Good news – for now – in Maryland.  According to the Baltimore Sun: Hope ended Wednesday for those who wanted Maryland to pass a “death with dignity” law this year. Leaders of two key committees considering a bill that would have allowed doctors to prescribe medicine to help terminally ill patients end their lives decided […] Continue reading →

John Kelly and Alex Schadenberg on Radio Sputnik Radio’s “Brave New World”

At the end of February, both John Kelly, the New England Regional Director of Not Yet Dead and Alex Schadenberg, Executive Director of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition, were guests on “Brave New World,” a show on Radio Sputnik. Also on the show was Gert Huysmans, the President of the Federation of Palliative care of Flanders (Belgium). John Harrison […] Continue reading →