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  1. […] Referring to the issue of suicide contagion, Rep. Betsy Ritter is quoted in the Yale Daily News saying her research team found no rise in states that have right-to-die laws, ” said Mendelsohn. But according to the Centers for Disease Control, Oregon’s already high suicide rate has increased much faster than the national average from 1999 through 2010 49% versus 28% for ages 35-64. Mendelsohn also stated that HB 5326 is a prescription for elder abuse on a massive scale. . . . The law protects greedy heirs and Compassion and Choices simply doesn’t care. Every year in Connecticut, it is estimated that out of 660,000 people over age 60, there are 73,000 reported and unreported cases of abuse. Connecticut has a bad record inside this region 32nd from 35 states surveyed inside funding, plus sixth worst inside amount of substantiated complaints. At the conclusion of Friday s press conference, WTNH reported which Second Thoughts associate Elaine Kolb of West Haven was singing the battle cry of the handicap rights movement up against the newest variation of the assisted suicide bill. Her track, entitled Not Dead Yet following the nationwide handicap cluster, included lyrics regarding cuts with Medicaid, Medicare plus services, indicating a expense cutting fear: Since death is affordable, Do we need you dead or live To subscribe to the Not Dead Yet blog, go here. […]

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